Mount Margaret

Mount Margaret The 300 hectare, Mount Margaret cattle station at Alice River, west of Townsville, was being developed for a low density residential estate and associated parklands, since 2012. Preliminary investigation at the site identified a disused cattle dip which posed a potential risk to the development. Investigation commenced in 2013 when Douglas Partners demonstrated […]

Ranger Uranium Decline

Ranger Uranium Decline Douglas Partners designed and supervised construction of the Ranger Uranium box cut, tunnel portal and decline. The decline was 2220m long, 6m high by 5.5m wide. Initially Douglas Partners was asked to re-design the tunnel portal, previously designed by others. The re-design required a site investigation and re-design of the box cut. […]

Groundwater Supplies ENB

Groundwater Supplies ENB Following a devastating volcanic eruption in 1994, Rabaul, the provincial township in East New Britain province, on the island of New Britain, required Douglas Partners’ hydrogeological expertise in the development of groundwater supplies for various resettlement areas, infrastructure and community facilities. A World Bank sponsored project in Papua New Guinea is supplying […]

Airport Link Tunnel

Airport Link Tunnel The Airport Link Project, together with the Northern Busway and Airport Roundabout Upgrade, is currently the largest infrastructure project in Australia consisting of 11 kilometres of roads and tunnel ramps. In June 2008, Douglas Partners (DP) was part of the winning bid for the Airport Link Project in Brisbane, Qld. The Airport […]